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Student Loan Exit Plan (Paperback)


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Student Loan Exit Plan (Paperback)

The author is the Director of Give and Save 3-6-5 LLC, and the founder of the Student Loan Exit Plan. Imagine it's your college graduation day. Your friends and family are in the audience. You're so happy you are almost levitating above your seat. This was not high school, where someone woke you every day and made sure you did your homework. This was college, where you woke yourself up and decided to complete your assignments. Every day was not pretty, and all classes weren't fun, but you did it.Or you decided later in life, you wanted more and went back to school as an adult. With all the adult responsibilities-maybe a spouse, a child, an elderly parent-you still got your butt back in school and now it is graduation day. You finished.Now, imagine you are debt free. Even if you're not, you can imagine you are and remember Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than fact."A lot of today's student loan debt in fact comes from a lack of or the wrong kind of imagining. Many debtors imagine themselves hopelessly in debt, while others imagine they can defer payments indefinitely, and others imagine somehow their debt will be magically forgiven. The result of these three imaginings is burgeoning debt, decreasing net worth, and the emergence of the working-class poor.The Student Loan Exit Pan is a multi-step approach for people who are either heading to college and plan to take out loans; are in college and already have loans; or have graduated or dropped out of college and have to pay back loans.The plan provides online or in person; one-on-one or group coaching that covers: -Loan Disclosures Explained-Real Time, Real Money Payback Plans-Borrower / Lender Collaboration-Parent-Faculty-Student-Lender Cohorts-Partnerships with Other Organizations-Accountability PartnersThe best time to have a Student Loan Exit Plan is when you decide to take out the loan. The second-best time is now. This book will point you toward the exit and start you on your way there today!