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Wake Up to the Student Loan


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Wake Up to the Student Loan

This is the stunning debut album from the up and coming newgrass band The Student Loan. Based out of Bowling Green, Ohio this group of young classically trained musicians has come together in their freshman effort to record an album that is exceptional in its musical breadth and vision. From catchy choruses to driving instrumentals The Student Loan pay homage to traditional bluegrass while frequent meter changes and extended jam sessions reflect the influence of jazz, classical, and jam band music.

Reviews & Ratings

Love Love Love The Student Loan!
This band is even better live. The sound and energy is a must see event. They have recently relocated to Portland OR. and tour all over! Get the CD and then catch a show!
By C. Wilson on 2008-10-25

This is a must buy! If you like bluegrass (or even if you don't) you will love this CD. Student Loan has managed to put a fresh new twist on bluegrass. You don't want to miss this one!
By Maumee Mom on 2008-01-16

Fantastic CD, however.........
This is a fantastic CD by a fantastic band out of Bowling Green, OH. It is packed full of catchy newgrass tunes. I would highly recommend buying from the band's personal website at a fraction of this inflated price.
By Rev. Bob on 2008-01-13

A Band to Watch!
The Student Loan's eclectic and exciting music is high velocity "eartertainment"! Original writing, creative composition, and high energy styling makes this band one to watch in the coming year. Buy this CD and see for yourself!
By Rufus Lover on 2007-11-10

What a great CD! I am so impressed with this album. I hope they keep coming out with more.
By Daisy on 2007-09-18

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